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Razer mouse support

Valorant Razer ★ 7 in Mega Pack macros sens. 1

Updated and relevant for the latest season!

Macros for Valorant only Razer XML in one pack for almost all weapons! All with the highest possible accuracy in the first shots, but then very random recoil - as in CS:GO point no!

Maximum shooting accuracy in the crouch position!

Macro in different versions:
- compensation of recoil in aiming and from the hip;
- crosshire return to the first bullet after shoot;
- simple and smooth macro recoil compensation;
- shoot standing and crouching for machine guns.

These macros are suitable for RAZER mice compatible with Synapse 3 v3.5.1130 & new v3.5.1215 and new.The maximum possible compensated for the recoil.For this type of macros, you will not be banned from anti-cheat, since such macros remove the recoil without interfering with the game files, interacting only with the mouse.

Mouse sensitivity in the game for weapons - 1.0% (if you are not comfortable using this sensitivity, it will be enough to change the CPI/DPI of the mouse for yourself. Changing the CPI / DPI does not affect the macro).

7 Weapons in Pack:
Ares, Bulldog, Judge, Marshal Quick Scope, Phantom, Spectre, Vandal.

ATTENTION! All macros are checked more than once, if any macros do not work correctly, then in 99% of cases the problem is on your side. You can always contact the seller on the purchase page and they will help you. After payment, you will immediately receive a link to download the archive with macros and configuration information (the archive can be opened by the WinRaR archiver program or any other analog). If you accidentally closed the page with this link, you can return it by clicking on the link in the email that came to your Email address after payment. You can also go to your personal account at oplata.info and your purchase will be displayed there. The product is digital and cannot be returned, check everything pre-purchase.
After purchase, you will receive an archive with macro XML files and instructions.
Macros for compatible mice with software Razer Synapse 3: Abyssus, Basilisk, Basilisk V2, DeathAdder, DeathAdder Essential, DeathAdder V2, DeathAdder V2 Mini, Lancehead, Lancehead Wireless, Mamba, Naga, Viper Mini, Viper. The list may not be complete, and if your Razer mouse is not in this list, try installing Razer Synapse 3 SOFTWARE - if the mouse is detected, the macros will work.

Relevant for use macro in 2021

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