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Logitech G mouse support

Scripts Logitech does not work for today! Recommend for use macros Razer and Bloody - they work it's very fine.
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At the moment, the game protection Riot Vanguard disables the script module in the Logitech program and for this reason, the any script Valorant stops working immediately as you enter the game.

As soon as this problem is solved, a description of the "Valorant Logitech Scripts" purchase will appear here.
For a detailed description, click on the product name
Valorant Logitech ★ All guns in Script 9in1
Valorant Logitech ★ Top Guns Script 3in1
Supported models of Logitech gaming g series mice: G100s, G102, G203, G300s, G300, G302, G303, G305 (wired connection only), G400s, G400, G402, G403 (wired connection only), G403 Wireless (wired connection only), G403, G500s, G500, G502 RGB, G502 PROTEUS CORE Tunable, G502 HERO, G502, G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable, G600 MMO, G600, G603 Wireless (wired connection only), G603, G604, G700s, G703 Wireless (wired connection only), G703 Wireless (wired connection only), G9X, G9, G900 Chaos Spectrum Professional Grade (wired connection only), G900 Wireless (wired connection only), G903 LIGHTSPEED Wireless (wired connection only), G Pro Wireless (wired connection only), PRO Wireless (wired connection only), MX518. Wireless on batteries are not supported. The list of mice may be incomplete - check compatibility before purchasing or see the current version.

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