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ROGUE Company

- The world needs saving and only the best of the best can do it. Suit up as one of the elite agents of Rogue Company and go to war in a variety of different game modes. Gear up and go Rogue!
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Want to improve your skills in your favorite game ROGUE Company? Choose powerful scripts from the No Recoil Pro Macro™. Improving the accuracy of burst fire, mega lot of killing, a big help to your team, guaranteed victory and first place!

Scripts for all Agents in the game and all available weapons for any shooting mode, any level of improvement.

Logitech G mouse support

good price offer

great assortment

macro on lifetime

free update

Relevant for use in 2021

anti-cheat undetected

Rogue Company MEGA Pack scripts Logitech G

More MEGA Pack weapons script for sensitivity - 3.5 - 40/40

MULTI GUN ROGUE Company script Logitech G

Universal script for sensitivity mouse - 3.5 - 40/40


All scripts are optimized (compressed code), 2 script options (a simple script and RBM works only when the right button is pressed), the ability to edit the main parameters, convenient activation, indication of actions!

After purchase, you will receive an archive with script LUA files and instructions.

MEGA Pack 3.5 contains scripts for Agent weapons (main weapon has script - Base level and up level TOP fully equipped):

  • ANVIL - MLXMaw
  • CHAAC - D40C + Spitfire
  • DAHLIA (soon) - Objection +LBM & MX-R
  • DIMA - KA30 + Mamba
  • GL1TCH - LMP-X
  • LANCER - HRM24S + Striker 8x10 + Spitfire
  • PHANTOM - Appen L2-12
  • RONIN - KA30 + SL-C + Spitfire
  • SAINT - MLX Mark4 + MAMBA
  • TALON - LMP-X + D3D-i
  • TRENCH - HRM-30KS + MX-R
  • VY - Nightshade
All macros of the Basic level of weapons - can be used up to the level of increased accuracy and increased magazine size. For the level of reduced recoil, switch to the TOP level (added to the script via Caps Lock).
Multi script universal customizable and adjustable recoil (side buttons) script with switch (CapsLock) to single fire.
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