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Axial scripts for recoil control, add only to the profile. Scripts are work through Logitech Game Software emulating mouse movements!

gun lib

Standard macros do not support axial displacement to control recoil!
Make sure On-Board Memory switch into position Automatic Game Detection.
Next, go to setup Mode Buttons and Profiles of the mouse. The script will be installed in the profile in the bottom right corner of the profile click on the arrow and select the Scripting. Scripts are added via the menu item Script > Import or by simply copying the contents of the script CTRL + V. Remains to save the script to profile memory by pressing the buttons CTRL + S.

exe game script

Do not link the profile to the executable file of the game exe, for example: "RUST.exe"

window script

For the RUST game do not open the script window when the game is running


If you have a large number of profiles, the script may not start, or may reproduce the script of another profile, you should clear other profiles from scripts, or leave one profile, removing other profiles - previously saving them for future use!
For safety, switch to On-Board Memory.
For information on Activation/Deactivation script, see the description of the script.
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