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Macro setting Bloody Mice


Download the macros to the desktop, run your software is Bloody, then run CORE 3 and open tab Oscar Macro, then click File and select New folder. In the new window, enter the name of the game and click OK.

Next select the File in/out.

Opens a new window. In the upper Right window select the folder with the macros on the desktop. After selecting in the lower Right window you will see a list of macros to copy the macros, press Ctrl+A. Next, in the upper Left window the folder to copy and click on the Green arrow to move the macros in the library.

Go to the tab Headshot and see the downloaded macros.

It remains to choose a macros in N-Key (green) 3-Key (yellow) and in the presence of 4-Key (blue) by clicking on the select arrow down. Next, to load all macros in memory of the mouse left click APPLY!


Mice series of Bloody basic macros work on left click, but you can easily add from folder X7 macros ***LBM.amc from mouse X7 to the side buttons and scroll wheel, after installing LBM macro activation adds the 3rd and more macro on Left Mouse Button! To activate, click on the button with the LBM macro installed!

Macros installed!

X7 Macro *.amc import in Bloody Mice


If suddenly you have no macros .MGN or they not work, you can import into the software Bloody macros from X7 with the extension .AMC

Copy the macros with the extension ***.AMC in the macro gun library software Bloody in the game folder.

cun lib

for BLOODY 3 -  Program Files (x86) -> Bloody3 -> Bloody3 -> Data -> Bloody3 -> English -> ScriptsMacros -> MacroGunLibrery
for BLOODY 4 -  Program Files (x86) -> Bloody4 -> Bloody4 -> Data -> Bloody4 -> English -> ScriptsMacros -> MacroGunLibrery
for BLOODY 5 -  Program Files (x86) -> Bloody5 -> Bloody5 -> Data -> RES -> English -> ScriptsMacros -> GunLib
for BLOODY 6 -  Program Files (x86) -> Bloody6 -> Bloody6 -> Data -> RES -> English -> ScriptsMacros -> GunLib

Or import ***.AMC the same as files from folder X7.
Next open software Bloody, go to a HEADSHOT, then select in the GAME menu folder in which you copied the macro and hit the button a HEADSHOT

In the new window press the button M-MACRO and find the macro you copied. Select the macro and click BACK, in a new window see the question: "To transfer the selected file from the macro to the arsenal as Macro-gun weapons?". Click YES.

Then in the new window, ENTER the macro name and click OK

All the macro is ready to use in Bloody!

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