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A4Tech Bloody mouse support

APEX Legends Bloody ★ 16 in Mega Pack macros sens. 4.2

Updated and relevant for the latest 16 season!

Macros for top-end modules, such as Turbo, Auto switch, any sights and other. All weapons in one packaging, recoil compensation with the highest possible accuracy!

Macros forever, update for free for the entire time of the game's popularity! Macros only for Bloody with internal memory, requires an activated 3 core! After purchase, you get the basic macros Bloody MGN is locked for editing! For X7 and third-party software emulators - do not work!

Mouse sensitivity in the game for weapons in the loads - 4.2% (if you are not comfortable using this sensitivity, it will be enough to change the CPI/DPI of the mouse for yourself. Changing the CPI / DPI does not affect the macro).

16 Weapons in Pack:
Nemesis AR, C.A.R. smg, Rampage, L-Star EMG, Havoc Rifle, Devotion LMG, SMG VOLT, VK-47 Flatline, Hemlok Burst AR, PDW Plowler, M600 Spitfire, G7 Scout, SMG Alternator, R-301 Carbine, RE45 Auto, SMG R-99.

ATTENTION! Make sure that your Bloody mouse has internal memory for the macro and the core 3 is activated. Characteristics of weapons in the game and the mechanics of recoil, randomness and spread does not allow you create to the ideal point, optimal accuracy in the first shots, which requires help in controlling the recoil and shoot at long distances for a maximum of 10-15 shots. All macros are checked, if any macros do not work correctly, then in 99% of cases the problem is on your side. The product is digital and cannot be returned, check everything pre-purchase. If you have any problems with the macro, write to
After purchase, you will receive an archive with macro MGN files and instructions.
Works with Bloody:
A Series - A6, A60 (A6081), A7, A70, A90 (A9071, A9081), A91;
AL Series - A90;
J Series - J90, J95s;
P series - P30 pro, P80pro, P81, P81s, P85s, P91pro, P91s, P93 BULLET GREY, P93s, P97;
R series - R30, R70, R8 Skull N Wireless Mouse, R80;
RT series - RT5, RT7, RT70;
T series - T50, TL50 Terminator, T60, TL60, T70, TL70, TL80, TL90;
V series - V2M, V3M, V4M, V5M, V7M (V7M71), V8M, V9M;
W series - W60pro, W60max, W70pro, W70max, W90pro, W90max;
as well as N50, N50 Infinity Shatter - Ivory White, ZL50, ML160;
and others for Bloody 7 software or another analog for this series.

Does not work for ES series - S9, ES 30, ES52 and other make for Bloody Sport software, Q series - Q51, Q80, Q81, Q82, as well as any esports X series - X5pro, X5max.

Up-To-Date list of compatibility of bloody mice with macros.

Relevant for use macro in 2023

image png, best top no recoil humanized apex legends macro bloody

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Specialization macro mouse A4Tech Bloody and Logitech. Expected the finalization of beta software for Razer! Possible macro with the limits for a Cougar and Corsair.

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